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Hi All,

The Storm Hollow site may rise again some day but we are devoting our efforts elsewhere these days. We sold out of all copies of the first printing of Storm Hollow and 2nd printing/new edition is, for now, not in the cards. However, we have put the Poppin's Guide to Storm Hollow and the Poppin's Guide to Venture up for sale along with a slew of other new projects up on our new store at:

Why is called Get More Good and not Escapade Games? Well, again, times have changed for us. We are still proud of Escapade Games but it was a time when we were devoted almost entirely to Storm Hollow and we have new projects and new collaborations. If you're looking for our newest and coolest RPG designs, they'll be coming out on that store for now.

We have plans we are continually working on to make Storm Hollow more available to more people who want it, but for now, most of those plans are still process with no release date to announce yet.


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