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Escapade Games Supports Eugene Community

Escapade Games is a tabletop game design studio based in Eugene, Oregon. We want out games to get published and pushed out to the world at large to be enjoyed by everyone. We drag our games to conventions, and, when possible, we have made our games available to playtest as a print so we can get feedback from as many sources as we have time and resources to accomodate. However, it's also important to us to support our local community of gamers and fellow game designers. As such, we regularly attend the Second Saturday Playtest hosted by Four Fine Fellows, another local tabletop design studio. We gather on the second Saturday of every month on the first floor of Pipeworks, a local video game studio. If you live in the area and are interested in playtesting our games or want us to playtest yours, join us at this event. We are there nearly every month.

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